Where we turn to keep the faith while building a startup. 

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Tuning in to the universe to turn out something magical.


It seems to me that building a startup demands some form of spirituality.

To create something from scratch is a challenge. To create something from scratch that grows into something of value is a real act of faith.

To start a company is to believe in a vision and your ability to bring that vision to life better than anyone else. It is an exercise in holding tight to a singular focus: that you can do it. 

Problem is, that focus tends to waiver. A whole lot. You are called upon to find your way back to it again and again. Your success as a startup actually depends upon your ability to remain steadfast in your belief.

But what happens when you lose hold of the faith?

Whether you turn to your community of like-minded startup starters or your congregation, consult the works of those who've come before or read the cards for what comes next, you must find somewhere to draw from to keep the faith.

To start up is to embark on the unknown daily, decision after decision. It is to face a continual need to look inward, tap into your intuition, and make sense of the soul and your purpose.

I'm smack dab in the midst of the startup fog right now. I'm planning a massive cross-country road trip in a 40-foot RV Breast Express so I can show up for breastfeeding women and keep building my other startup (an app that supports them). 

I am in the middle of one, giant, whopping act of faith.

With so much going into it, and so many expectations out of it - and so much potential to change the world for women for the better through it -  I'm tapping in to intuition and the spiritual in a big way.

This page is my honest documentation of my startup journey, the uncertainty, the surprises, the learnings, the mentors, and most of all, the universal energy I'm drawing upon to build a business.

Shall we see where it all goes?